Coq au Vin Bistrot

Marinate the chicken with two-three spoons of olive oil, a good pinch of salt, pepper, and sugar.

Prepare the chicken broth (either with a cube or a real "fond blanc"). It has to be kept hot.

If you are using dried mushrooms (a good handful), put them in the water.

add a bit of butter and olive oil in a pan, heat them at medium-high heat, then fry the chicken, until golden, on all sides. (3-4 mins)

Add a glass of white wine and let the wine reduce (until nearly all gone – 5 mins)

Add two-three glasses of broth and let it cook (covered) for a good 15 mins.

In the meantime, chop finely a shallot and the mushrooms, and add them to the chicken.

Let it cook again for 5 minutes (adding broth if necessary – there should always be a bit of liquid)

Chop two tomatoes (per person) into small cubes and add them to the chicken.

Start checking the chicken – if cooked, remove from the pan; otherwise, keep cooking until done,always adding half a glass of broth if necessary.

When the chicken is done, raise the heat to high. Let the sauce reduce, then add some butter and half a glass of white wine. Let the sauce "bond", stirring it, and serve over the chicken.

bon appetit

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