Our motivation

A long and healthy life is everyone’s right and that was our motivation for starting Gabit. There seems to be a widespread belief that longer, healthier living is a privilege that only a few have access to and can choose to pursue.

We want to democratise healthy ageing and have built Gabit to enable everyone to add more healthy years to their life.

Our foundation 

Health is interconnected. For getting fit or healthy ageing, you need to be active, eat well, control your stress and more importantly manage your sleep well. For healthy skin, using great products is just the beginning. Nutrition, Fitness, Stress and Sleep all have a deep and lasting impact on your skin barrier.

In a nutshell, to stay healthier for longer you need to do many more things than just one and they are all interconnected.

We, at Gabit, have dived deep into all these fields of health - fitness, nutrition, skin care, sleep, mindfulness - and have come up with simple yet integrated, result-oriented solutions to important health-related concerns like weight management, acne, healthy ageing and more.

Good habits have the potential to extend our health span. Small changes consistently followed make a huge impact to our health whereas complicated solutions followed infrequently have almost no impact. Gabit [Good + Habit] reminds us of how small day-to-day changes in our present lives can lead to a more healthy and longer future.

Gabit is a one-stop health and wellness platform that uses the power of good habits to add more healthy years to your life.

Our values 

Our model revolves around the interconnectedness of health. We are here to enable everyone to live a healthier life for longer, through the power of good habits and community.

The following six elements make up our entire value system:

  1. Simplicity 
  2. Honesty
  3. Result oriented
  4. Youthful
  5. Personalised for you
  6. Giving back 

Join us on this mission and make a longer health span your reality.

Cheers to good habits!