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Your complete health loop

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Crafted from titanium
Resilient against wear and tear
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Feather-light experience
Weighs only 3.1 grams
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Highly accurate
High-precision heart rate sensor
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Wear it, forget it's there
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Lasting power

7 days on a full charge

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Water resistant

From showers to swimming

Future wrapped around
your finger
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Body markers

VO2 Max
Track how effectively you use oxygen, the ultimate measure of your body's performance
Resting heart rate
Heart rate variability
Heart rate
Skin temperature
Oxygen level
vO2 max
Your complete health loop
total calories out image
Total calories out
while active, at rest or asleep
total calories in
Total calories in
from personalised meal plan & food log
expert coaches
Expert coaches
to biohack your plan with your body markers
automatic tracking
Automatic tracking
for Gabit workouts
Unlock additional benefits with
Fitness & Nutrition plans

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Gabit Smart Ring

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Slim & lightweight
Ring is comfortable to wear at all times, even to bed
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Accurate metrics & useful analysis
Easy-to-understand visuals, scores, charts, and trends
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Very good battery life
Battery life is quite impressive
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Holistic approach to health
Found that (Fitness & Nutrition plan) to be quite useful
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* 6.5/10 and 7.5/10 to other smart rings

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Unbelievable how it has improved my sleep habits

Ryan Fernando

India's top celebrity nutritionist


Totally love how compact and light-weight this is

Anirudh Iyer

Community manager, ex-founder

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