10 signs of weight loss to watch for
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10 signs of weight loss to watch for

Go on a journey of weight loss, exploring subtle signs beyond the scale. Understand the importance of measuring progress and avoid common mistakes to ensure a holistic approach towards fitness.

While trying to improve your overall well-being, it is reasonable to go through ups and downs. After all, weight loss is not always a linear journey. When you start feeling like you’re going through a slump, it is important to celebrate small wins along the way. These small victories could be in the form of signs you’re losing belly fat and fat from other parts of your body. 

At the start of your journey, it is obvious that the first signs of weight loss can be seen through your weighing scale. However, much to a surprise,it transcends way beyond the numbers on the scale. The way towards a healthier you is a celebration of newfound energy, mental toughness built through discipline and an innate sense of empowerment. Recognising these signs of weight loss will help you not lose motivation and continue your efforts that make a meaningful impact in being a better you.

What is weight loss?

Weight loss is the process of the reduction of overall body mass occurring through a decrease in body fat, muscle mass and fluid weight. Wanting to be healthy is a choice one makes. Therefore, make sure to lose weight gradually and through sustainable ways that promote long-term health.

Physical signs of weight loss

Weight loss also occurs through signs that are not always very subtle. Here are some signs of weight loss that manifest through physical changes in your body.

Changes in the face

Overall weight loss reduces fat from all parts of your body, including the face. The puffiness in your face might reduce leading to a more defined jawline and prominent cheekbones. 

Muscle definition

If you lose weight through strength training and lifting weights, your body starts building muscles that give definition to your body.

Improved posture

It happens as a result of following an exercise regime that makes your posture better. Apart from this, reduced strain on the spine and better muscle support also improve overall posture.

know signs you re losing belly fat

Health indicators of weight loss

Other signs of weight loss may not always be very obvious but will reflect through improved health and well-being. These include:

Reduced Inflammation

Obesity or excessive weight is linked with chronic inflammation. With weight loss, the inflammation levels in your body also go down contributing to overall well-being.

Manageable BMI

The body mass index is a measurement of body fat. When you lose weight, the BMI changes along with it and reaches a healthy level.

Revamped insulin sensitivity

Weight loss increases the body’s ability to use glucose and improves insulin sensitivity. This helps manage blood sugar levels and manage conditions like diabetes.

know signs you re losing belly fat

Top 10 signs you are losing weight

Not feeling hungry all the time

When trying to lose weight, you often have to restrict your calorie intake and the kind of food you eat. As a result, gradually, you start feeling less hungry and your cravings for unhealthy food go down. 

Enhanced stamina

Weight loss requires you to hit the gym consistently. If not, some form of physical activity is mandatory. As you grow consistent with your routine, you start seeing the signs your body is in fat-burning mode. You feel less exhausted as your physical endurance goes up. Activities that once made you breathless become more doable as you start pushing your limits to achieve bigger goals.

Improved quality of sleep

Your body performs its functions like sleep better as overall health increases. Thus, you enjoy a deep, refreshing sleep. Correspondingly, your attention and concentration levels go up.

know signs you re losing belly fat

Boosted mood and mental clarity

There is an undeniable link between your physical health and psychological health. Research has shown that weight loss is usually accompanied by an improvement in mood, stress reduction and improved cognitive function. A positive outlook towards life is one of the greatest signs of weight loss.

Improved energy levels

Weight loss can be marked by a spike in energy. As your body grows adept at using nutrients and burning calories, you’ll start experiencing greater levels of energy sustained throughout the day, even with a lot of work.

Changes in the way your clothes fit

With a reduction in body mass, your clothes may start getting looser and may not fit you the way they used to. Pulling up your pants becomes much easier and motivates you to keep going. It is indicative of subtle signs you’re losing belly fat.

know signs you re losing belly fat

Reduced cholesterol and blood pressure

Your cardiovascular health improves as you lose body weight. This is because being overweight strains your heart. Losing weight through healthy eating and exercise, thus, has a positive impact on your cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

No more chronic pain

The extra weight on your body puts pressure on your joints causing severe pain. This could especially happen in the lower back and the calves. Losing weight removes that tension from your joints and, in turn, reduces the pain caused by it.

Your body measurements change

Sometimes the weighing scale may not see any change as we would like it to but our bodies may still have differences. You could be losing inches from your waist, hips and legs. This suggests fat loss and is signs of fat-burning mode and signs of losing belly fat. 

know signs you re losing belly fat

Increased confidence and self-esteem

Your physical appearance changes as you lose weight. Even if one tries to deny it, looks are sometimes taken into account when we perceive ourselves. Weight loss helps you raise your self-esteem and  become socially confident.

Measuring weight loss

As stated previously, there’s more to measuring weight loss than just stepping on a scale. Although keeping track of your weight is a crucial step, some other tools and techniques offer a more complete picture of your development. Here are some methods for calculating weight loss:

  • Checking BMI
  • Taking body measurements
  • Comparing your previous pictures/taking progress photos
  • Professional Fitness assessments for a better picture
  • Noticing other health indicators mentioned above
know signs you re losing belly fat

Warning signs of unhealthy weight loss

If you are on a mission to lose weight quickly, watch out for these signs of unhealthy weight loss:

  • Loss of hair and brittle nails
  • Constant weakness or dizziness
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Changes in menstrual cycle
  • Excessive exercise and extreme weight loss


To sum up the talk about weight loss, it's critical to see the process as more than just a number game. Losing weight is a significant transformation that affects one's physical and mental well-being. Beyond the obvious cues, picking up on subtle clues becomes essential to sustaining motivation and guaranteeing a long-term route towards a healthy way of life.

Physical improvements and other health benefits highlight the wider range of well-being associated with losing weight. It is also important that we emphasise measuring weight loss through nuanced approaches. At the same time, be weary of warning signs of unhealthy weight loss as a constant reminder to prioritise slow, sustainable changes for long-term well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some warning signs of unhealthy weight loss?

Be cautious of unhealthy weight loss when you start seeing signs such as excessive exercising, extremely restrictive calorie intake, digestive problems and low energy levels. Knowing the underlying cause of these symptoms becomes important as they can also arise through other underlying issues.

Is it necessary to count calories for weight loss?

Counting calories depends on individual preferences and their approach to lifestyle. While some people find it helpful because it helps them numerically track their food intake, it might not be feasible for other people. It is suggested that you rather concentrate on mindful eating and portion control while trying to lose weight.

What should I do if I am not seeing any signs of weight loss?

If you’re not seeing any signs of weight loss, try reassessing your plan and making changes to it. This could be in terms of calorie intake or your exercise routine. Patience, setting realistic goals and consistency are vital for long-term weight loss.

What are the common mistakes to avoid during weight loss?

Some common mistakes include extreme dieting, skipping meals, ignoring portion sizes, having poor sleep habits and having little to no physical activity. These mistakes set you back in your journey to lose weight.

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