11 foods to avoid when losing weight
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11 foods to avoid when losing weight

A comprehensive guide on food to avoid to lose weight very quickly. Gain insights on the caloric and nutritional value of foods to achieve long-term health goals.

Weight loss is a journey. Like every journey, it is filled with choices that lead you to the destination or hold you back. Often, on this journey we ponder the choices we should make. We seldom think about the choices we should not make or avoid at all costs to get to our destination. Dietary intake is one such choice that we make regularly. In the world of nutrition, where every bite matters, understanding which food to avoid to lose weight very quickly is the first step to achieving our health goals.

In a vast sea of culinary options, knowing which foods to avoid for weight loss can be the lighthouse that prevents you from going adrift. While it is equally important to include healthy foods in your diet, we must avoid foods that do not bring any nutritional value to the table. These foods carry guilt with them, are calorie-dense and do more harm than good. We shall take a detailed view of these foods and understand the reasons behind avoiding them. Keep scrolling to see if your guilty pleasure makes it to the list. 

know foods to avoid for weight loss

What is calories and nutritional balance

When trying to learn about dietary requirements for weight loss, it becomes relevant to know about concepts like calories and nutritional balance. Both these terms aid in understanding the science behind fat loss better. 

Calories are a unit of measuring the energy of  the food you consume. Each person requires a different amount of calories to maintain their health depending on their age, sex and activity levels in a day. The amount of calories is usually mentioned behind food/drink packages as nutritional information to help us make choices that prevent us from making unhealthy detours.

Nutritional balance refers to consuming an adequate amount of calories in the form of macro and micronutrients. Foods can be divided into a number of categories based on the nutritional value they provide like - carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fibres. It is essential that we have a diet that is balanced with enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals  to have a healthy body and mind.

know foods to avoid for weight loss

The impact of avoiding foods on weight loss

Reducing calorie intake is key to weight loss. When you avoid certain types of food, you are essentially cutting down on your calories which helps weight loss. Further, avoiding foods not to eat to lose weight improves your nutrient intake of foods that support your well-being. Avoiding them ultimately helps you to balance sugar levels, manage inflammation and contribute to long-term weight maintenance. 

11 foods to avoid for weight loss

An extensive list of foods to avoid for weight loss that can take you backwards in your journey. Check if you are still consuming any of these:

Sugary beverages

It can be very addictive to grab your favourite drink from the counter to accompany a burger or popcorn. However, sugary beverages or sodas are high in calories, without providing any nutritional value. In fact, research has proven that it can spike your blood sugar levels leading to problems like weight gain, obesity and diabetes. Substitute it for a healthier drink like vegetable juice or good ol’ regular/flavoured water. 

Processed and packaged snacks

Second on the list of foods to avoid when trying to lose belly fat is everything that comes in a wrapper or has gone through processing. These include namkeens, bakery items, dairy products like ice cream, flavoured milk and ready-to-eat meals. The list is endless. They contain added sugar, are high in sodium and unhealthy fats. They might also lead to overeating and prevent you from reaching your goal. 

know foods to avoid for weight loss

Fried and fast food

These foods contain preservatives, and excessive calories in terms of fats and sodium. They harm your health in the long run by causing inflammation and digestive issues. It is best to cut out these foods from your diet as much as you can.

Sweetened breakfast cereals 

Having a nutritious breakfast to start your day is important to lose weight. Sweetened cereals, however, belong in  the category of foods to avoid while losing weight. The excessive sugar in it leads to an increased calorie intake and does not provide any nutritional value either. Replace it with healthier alternatives like whole grains and fruits.

know foods to avoid for weight loss

White bread and refined grains

These foods contain little to no fibre, increase inflammation and also cause digestive issues. The lack of fibre reduces nutrient absorption and may show up as other problems like high blood pressure, insulin resistance and increased blood sugar levels. Ultimately, it leads to weight gain. It is wiser to choose whole grains over refined grains to reduce the risk of health problems.

High-calorie coffee drinks

Coffee drinks significantly increase your calorie intake. Even so, if they come from famous coffee shop chains because of the added sweeteners, syrups and whipped cream. Go for alternatives like black coffee or coffee with little unsweetened milk.

know foods to avoid for weight loss

Full-fat dairy products

As the name suggests, dairy products such as whole milk, cheese, butter, etc contain high levels of saturated fat making them calorie-dense. They may also cause cholesterol and disrupt cardiovascular health. Consider replacing them with low-fat dairy options or plant-based options like soy or almond milk.

Candies and sweets

These treats negatively impact your blood sugar levels, increase cravings and contribute to insulin resistance and overeating. This causes weight gain and also negatively impacts mental health. Opt for healthier options like fruits or yoghurt to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

know foods to avoid for weight loss

Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages are calorie-dense and can also regulate hormones that affect hunger and appetite, leading to increased cravings. Moreover, your body prioritises metabolising alcohol over other nutrients (like fats) and inhibits metabolism. If you choose to consume it, be mindful and moderate about it.

High-calorie condiments and sauces

Another category of foods to avoid to lose belly fat is sauces and condiments, one that we overlook every day - mayonnaise, barbeque, teriyaki, pancake and other such sauces. They pack a large amount of calories in a small serving with no nutritional value. Further, their high fat, sugar and sodium content is detrimental to health. It is best not to be mindless about it and overeat. That results in massive weight gain. Therefore, reading nutrition labels and practising moderation becomes vital.

know foods to avoid for weight loss

Late night snacking

When calories are consumed during a period of decreased activity, the body burns less calories overall. Late-night snacking is also often based on convenience and thus it is not mindful and nutritious (consuming packaged and processed foods).It also disrupts the body’s circadian rhythm and causes weight gain.


Achieving your weight goals equates to making mindful lifestyle choices. This includes physical activity and nutritional dietary choices in the long run. Engaging in unhealthy food habits like overeating and eating calorie-dense, nutritionless food is a major contributor to weight gain. Identifying what you eat and making adjustments thus becomes necessary. 

Further, as much as avoiding foods altogether helps you lose weight, eating anything in moderation is not harmful. One should be made aware of their regular diet and its nutritional value to make choices that are beneficial for overall health and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to identify foods to avoid for weight loss?

Certain types of food have a high caloric value with little to no nutrients. Processed, packaged and other such high-fat options are the foods to avoid for weight loss.

What is the most effective approach to weight loss?

Having a balanced diet (nutritious food coupled with portion control) and adequate physical activity helps you to lose weight effectively. Being aware of our choices and following a holistic approach towards fitness helps sustain long-term weight management.

Are all high-calorie foods detrimental to weight loss?

Not all high-calorie foods are detrimental to health. The nutritional value and type of calorie of an item define its impact on our health. Foods rich in healthy fats like avocados and nuts are beneficial for our bodies. Unhealthy fats like fried and processed foods are the ones detrimental to our bodies.

Are there specific foods I should completely eliminate from my diet?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer since it can vary with each person. Generally, it is not necessary to eliminate any food from your diet unless you are allergic to it. Portion control and mindful eating are the keys to approach healthy eating and a sustainable lifestyle.

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