14 food swaps for quick weight loss
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14 food swaps for quick weight loss

If you find yourself stuck between cherishing your favourite gourmet dish and maintaining a diet for weight loss, here are some finger-licking and healthy weight loss food substitutes that could assist you!

A weight loss routine with just intense exercising makes little sense until your diet supports it. You don’t really need to be hard on yourself and cut down every delicious item off the table but rather keep a mindful check on what you’re eating. If what you’re eating is a high source of calories, can you swap it for something that is both low-caloric and nutritious? 

What are weight loss food swaps?

Weight loss food swaps are replacing high-caloric and unhealthy food choices with their low-caloric and healthy alternatives. Weight loss swaps greatly assist in allowing you to step lower on that weight scale. Your long-term health would benefit as a result of these food swaps for not just weight loss but also reducing the chances of any chronic conditions. 

Cooking at home is probably one of the best ways to ensure that you have a food swap diet because then you can actually make changes to what goes in your meals. 

Why do we need substitutes for weight loss foods? 

Here are a few reasons why we need food substitutes for weight loss - 

Helps maintain a caloric deficit 

Caloric deficit is eating fewer calories than what your body needs for its daily activities which allows the stored fat in the body to be used, leading to weight loss. A caloric deficit of 500 is a good place to start and weight loss swaps with low calories could help with that. 

Rich in nutrients 

Protein, fibre, vitamins, healthy fats and minerals are all nutrients that are not just required for weight loss but also feeling energetic and healthy. 

Balances blood sugar 

Eating desserts and drinking beverages rich in sugar content leads to a hike in blood sugar but consuming their healthy replacements might as well regulate your blood sugar. 


At the heart of weight loss is eating dishes that make you feel full for a longer time so that you don’t overeat or surrender to your cravings. Processed and packaged foods give way to cravings while their nutritious weight loss swaps such as whole foods rich in protein and fibre curb them. 

Boosts metabolism 

Protein burns more calories than fat. To digest protein, the body needs a greater amount of energy which heightens metabolism. Contrarily, fat ends up getting stored in our body and results in weight gain. 

Supports heart and digestive health 

Eating less trans and saturated fats while consuming unsaturated fats keeps your heart healthy and reduces cholesterol levels. Having more dietary fibre in your food swap diet doesn’t disturb your digestive health. 

know food substitutes for weight loss

14 food swaps for quick weight loss 

Here is a list of healthy food swaps for weight loss - 

know food substitutes for weight loss

Granola and sugary cereals with oatmeal

Cereals come packaged with high content of preservatives, added sugars and oils. To invest fewer calories in your diet, prefer eating oatmeal with your choice of ingredients that have natural sugars like honey, fruits or raisins. 

Fried eggs with poached eggs 

When there is a healthy weight loss swap of fried eggs with poached eggs, why would you still want your eggs cooking in a pan full of oil? Poached eggs are literally cooked in simmering water and still taste yummy. 

Regular pasta with vegetable pasta or whole wheat pasta

Being a staple of many diets, regular pasta must be replaced with vegetable pasta made of zucchini, carrot, eggplant and butternut spirals or with spaghetti squash. If this doesn’t work for you, you could use whole wheat pasta as a part of your weight loss swap.  

White potatoes with sweet potatoes 

What is any cuisine without potatoes? White potatoes being such a versatile ingredient can be alternated with sweet potatoes for a higher content of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Sweet potatoes ironically have a lenient impact on blood sugar!  

know food substitutes for weight loss

Processed meat with lean meat 

Fresh chicken and fish are food substitutes for weight loss instead of processed sausages, tenders, nuggets and bacon.  

White rice with cauliflower rice 

Every Indian household has the capacity of eating rice with anything and everything. Substituting the usual white rice with the easy to make cauliflower rice could spare you from a lot of calories. 

know food substitutes for weight loss

Potato chips with popcorn and nuts 

Bring a positive change to your daily packet of potato chips with air-popped popcorn and nuts that are both nutritious, filling and low-caloric qualified! 

Butter with olive oil 

Olive oil is a healthy food swap for weight loss because it allows us to consume healthy fats and also maintain good cholesterol levels. 

know food substitutes for weight loss

Vegetable oil with ghee 

Though some vegetable oils are healthy, there isn’t a better weight loss swap than homemade ghee. Ghee not only gives us all the nutrients we need but also promotes weight loss. 

Mayo and sour cream with greek yoghurt 

As a salad dressing or a sandwich spread, using greek yoghurt saves you a mammoth of calories and still ensures taste with some added herbs and spices! 

know food substitutes for weight loss

Desserts and fruit juice with fruit bowl 

Both desserts and fruit juices have added sugars and might not make you feel full but consider eating a bowl of fruits with honey, yoghurt and nuts that would ensure both fewer calories and better health in your food swap diet. 

Ice cream with frozen yoghurt 

If ice cream is your weakness, then frozen yoghurt could be its food substitute for weight loss which you can always alternate in flavours just like an ice cream scoop! 

know food substitutes for weight loss

Milk chocolate with dark chocolate 

You must’ve heard people say now and then, how dark chocolate is better for weight loss. It not only has less sugar content but also a good amount of antioxidants which protects your body from free radicals. 

Canned and packaged beverages with homemade beverages 

It is extremely convenient to just walk in a store, buy a packaged drink and not think about the amount of preservatives, sugar and calories that it contains. A homemade beverage like smoothies, aam panna, buttermilk or even coconut water could be a great weight loss swap. 


know food substitutes for weight loss

Finding healthy swaps for food items that have a high-caloric and low nutritious profile is a great habit to install in your meal plans. It gives a boost of confidence knowing that you’re eating right and at the same time, it satisfies your taste buds too. These weight loss swaps are not just for savoury dishes but diversify their experience into sweets, snacks and beverages as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why should I consider making food swaps for weight loss?

You should consider making food swaps for weight loss because it gives you options that are high in protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals along with a low-calorie content, both of these qualities serve weight loss goals. 

Are there any food swaps I can make for snacks?

Instead of potato chips, you can opt for nuts or air-popped popcorn. Fruit juices usually make up for evening snacks, you could replace them with having fresh fruit to avoid added sugar. To substitute processed protein bars, you could eat nuts and even boiled or poached eggs for a protein boost. 

How do I choose the right food swaps for my dietary preferences or restrictions?

If you have specific dietary restrictions like veganism, vegetarian, lactose intolerance or gluten-free, you should stick to the food items that fall in these categories. Be aware of your weight loss goals and nutrient requirements along your fitness journey to get the best results. 

What are some common mistakes to avoid when making food swaps for weight loss?

While making food swaps, make sure you need nutrient labels. This helps you in two ways, first, to recognise any added or hidden sugars and second, to make sure that you aren’t skipping on any macronutrients which are carbs, protein and healthy fats. Be mindful of your portion sizes and how many calories you take in from liquids. Lastly, don’t starve yourself because that’ll never support a healthy body. 

Is it possible to maintain a balanced diet while making these food swaps? 

Definitely, it is possible to maintain a balanced diet while making food swaps because these choices are nutritious and low-caloric. Consuming all the macronutrients in the form of whole grains, fruits and vegetables accounts for a balanced diet. Prefer lean proteins like fresh chicken, fish and tofu and make sure hydration has a significant place in your diet. 

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