Ajwain water for weight loss: What you need to know?
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Ajwain water for weight loss: What you need to know?

The benefits of Ajwain water in weight loss. Get insights on its nutritional profile, preparation methods, and tips for incorporating it into your diet.

Since the beginning of time, we have stressed upon natural remedies as a cure to all our problems related to the physical body. It is only recently that we have started being heavily dependent on chemicals and drugs as a solution to these issues. It turns out, (surprise surprise!) that we were always correct and it’s time to go back to our old ways if we were to find a fix - be it weight loss or any other corporal issue we seek remedies for.

One such natural way is to use ajwain (carom) seeds. These seeds of the Ajwain herb were extensively used in Ancient Indian Culture and remain relevant today. Although small in size, their impact on the body is enormous. Used in Ayurveda and other types of medicinal practices, these seeds are used to treat ailments like indigestion, acidity, infection and cough. More so, it can also help with issues like cholesterol and arthritis.

The cherry on the cake is, ajwain, or more precisely, ajwain water for weight loss is extremely useful to say goodbye to those extra kilos! A metabolism booster, these seeds have proven to be effective as an answer to your long-sought problems. Further, with their ability to absorb nutrients quickly, they reduce fat accumulation. This might intrigue you on how to make ajwain water for weight loss and we will not keep you waiting any longer. Continue reading to learn more!

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Exploring ajwain: Origins, uses and nutritional insights

Originating in the Middle East, ajwain seeds are grown in the Indian subcontinent as well. Known as ‘bishop’s weed’ in the West, they have also been used for religious and cooking purposes as part of offerings or for healing and protective practices.

Due to its pungent and bitter taste profile, similar to that of thyme, it is used as a spice in various Indian dishes. Traditionally, ajwain is also used in Indian breads like roti and paratha to enhance their flavour profile. Pickles are another common item which use carom seeds.

There is no doubt about the fact that ajwain has many medicinal functions. The Indian branch of medicine, Ayurveda, realised that and has since promoted it to cure diseases. Seemingly known to balance the vatta, kapha and increase pitta (wind, water and fire elements respectively) in the body, ajwain is a vigorous cleanser. It aids the digestion process and reduces bloating. Having anti-inflammatory properties, they are used to enhance skin health and prevent premature greying of hair.

Thymol, an essential oil, makes up the major part of ajwain which lends its fragrance to the seeds. These seeds are dense in protein, fatty acids, fibre, carbohydrates and antioxidants. In addition, they are abundant in vitamins and minerals like niacin, phosphorus, calcium and potassium. All these factors make Ajwain an incredible addition to your kitchen cabinet!

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The science behind weight loss

Weight loss is not a magical pill that you swallow with gifted magnificent results. It is a gradual process that requires time, effort and consistency. Remaining in a calorie deficit is one of the primary factors in achieving weight loss. This means burning more calories than you consume. Physical activity and portion control help you do this. What you eat matters equally. A balanced diet with carbs, proteins, fat and fibres keeps you on the right track. 

This science can be complemented by the art of natural remedies like jeera and ajwain water for weight loss. Endorsed by our elders, this simple remedy works wonders because of its remarkable properties. Scroll down to know how exactly does ajwain water help in weight loss.

know ajwain water for weight loss

Ajwain water and weight loss

The thymol present in carom seeds is what makes it an exceptional tool to accompany your fitness journey. It is known to suppress diets by reducing cravings and accelerating metabolism. Having ajwain water for weight loss before meals may lead to a feeling of fullness potentially stopping you from overeating.

Also known to help in the secretion of digestive enzymes, they improve digestion, leading to better nutrient absorption and reducing problems related to bloating and indigestion. 

With better nutrient absorption, the chances of fat accumulating in the body reduce, contributing to weight loss.

These points help us understand the various benefits of Ajwain water for weight loss. Now is when we answer - How to make ajwain water for weight loss?

Ways to make ajwain water for weight loss

A fairly simple recipe, you need to mix 1 tsp of carom seeds into 1 cup of boiling water. Strain the mixture and drink on an empty stomach. The time can vary according to preferences as you can also have ajwain water at night for weight loss. 

For some people, the taste can be atrocious to begin with. To solve this problem, you can try adding a teaspoon of honey to the mixture or squeeze some lemon into it. Adding orange zest or a few mint leaves will also make you more likely to get you habitual to it.

You can choose to have ajwain water for weight loss either warm or cool. Warm ajwain water aids in the digestion process and helps with appetite control. More so, it can also be used for cold relief and period pain, soothing abdominal and lower back pain. Carom seeds in hot water may also provide you with warmth and comfort during the cold winters when you just feel like burrowing yourself under the blanket.

Ajwain in cool water may be used as a refreshing drink in the sunny weather and provide a cooling effect. Further, it may be used to flush out the toxins from your body and reduce bloating to provide digestive comfort.

With this information, you can answer - “is Ajwain water good for weight loss?”, keeping in mind your needs and preferences and, how you want to consume it.

know ajwain water for weight loss

Integrating ajwain water into your daily diet

Discussing the plethora of benefits of ajwain water, you may be wondering when is the best time to consume it. The answer may differ due to individual preferences and schedules. 

Ideally, you should have it on an empty stomach. Adding this drink to your morning routine will help you see visible changes and transform the way your body feels.

One may also choose to have a glass of ajwain water before meals, which helps stay full for a longer time, and avoids overeating. Naturally, it becomes easier to stay in a calorie deficit, ultimately leading to weight loss.

It is recommended that you start with small amounts of ajwain and build your way up to personal tolerance to avoid negative consequences.

Further, these seeds can be used to soothe your body for a particular issue over a short period or used long-term to maintain effects.

Consider if you have any allergies or other health conditions that may hinder results.

know ajwain water for weight loss

Benefits of ajwain for weight loss

With this overarching list that gives you the benefits of ajwain water for weight loss, you will never be confused on the subject of is ajwain and jeera good for weight loss. These benefits comprise:

  • Universal Solution for all your tummy problems: Carom seeds help in digestion, absorbing nutrients to their full potential and getting rid of discomfort arising from gas and acidity. You need not look somewhere else when troubled with any of these issues.
  • Regulation of Bowel Movements: A laxative, ajwain prevents constipation by softening and facilitating the regular transit of stool.
  • Reduces Inflammation in the body: The anti-inflammatory properties in carom seeds help you get rid of problems like swollen gums, heartburn and other problems caused by inflammation.
  • Metabolism booster: A process intricately linked to the body’s ability to burn calories, ajwain helps speed up the metabolism rate and, simultaneously, your weight loss efforts.
  • Prevents infections: Antiseptic and antioxidant in nature, carom seeds act as a defence mechanism for cough, cold and a few other types of infections like conjunctivitis.

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Complementing ajwain water with a healthy lifestyle

While trying to achieve your goals, it is alluring to take the easier road. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to take the challenging one by making the correct lifestyle choices consistently.

Even though ajwain water has numerous health benefits and helps you lose weight (in its way), it cannot be clubbed under the category of superfoods that instantly burn fat. It is, rather, a means to boost your effort on the journey of trying to lose weight.

To see results, you must follow a healthy lifestyle which contains a nutritious diet, physical exercise and adequate rest. Complementing this with remedies like ajwain water will get you to your aim quicker.

know ajwain water for weight loss

Bottom line

To conclude, ajwain is one herb that has been used for several years and continues to be used even today. This can be contributed by its role in providing relief to the body in ways such as - soothing digestion, increasing metabolism and nutrient absorption, weight loss or other difficulties such as period pain or cholesterol.

Having ajwain water may help you lose weight by increasing your metabolism and keeping you full longer. However, just having ajwain water will not do anything to your body. One should broaden their perspective by making other necessary lifestyle changes that align with their objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can I expect to lose with ajwain water?

There can be no generalised answer to this question. On average, you can expect to lose up to 3-4 kilos per month with regular consumption of ajwain water. It is pivotal, however, that you supplement it with correct lifestyle choices and have realistic expectations.

Can ajwain water be consumed by everyone?

There are no severe health consequences if you consume ajwain water in moderation. It is advisable to consult a doctor before consuming it under circumstances like pregnancy, allergy to certain types of seeds, or gastrointestinal conditions such as acid reflux or ulcers.

Are there any side effects of drinking ajwain water?

A fair amount of ajwain water does not have serious side effects. Overconsumption can lead to skin irritation, headaches, allergies and vomiting in some people.

How long should I use ajwain water for weight loss? 

The duration will be different for each person depending on their personal preferences, body’s reaction to the diet and health objectives. Some people may start seeing slight differences with ajwain for weight loss in 15 days while others might have to wait longer.

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