Are soya chunks good for weight loss?
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Are soya chunks good for weight loss?

Looking for something healthy and low-calorie in your meal plan? Look into the benefits of soya chunks for weight loss and its high nutritional content of protein and dietary fibre. Read more here.

A perfect companion of vegans and vegetarians, soya is a plant - based protein and one that comes with multiple health advantages. With iron, calcium, protein and dietary fibre, soya chunks for weight loss have a lot to add to your meals. When trying to lose some calories, you could turn these neutral tasting soya chunks into savoury and nutritious dishes.

Why consume soya chunks for weight loss?

Here are a few reasons why soya chunks are good for weight loss –

1. High in protein – Being full of protein, soya chunks benefits for weight loss by making your stomach feel full which reduces overeating. Eating more protein also increases metabolism and assists in burning calories faster.

2. Consists of polyunsaturated fats – These are healthy fats and make you feel satiated. Being low in saturated fats, soya gives your body only low cholesterol fats.

3. High in fibre – Fibres not only make you feel satisfied for longer but also improve digestion and bowel movements helping in weight loss.

know soya chunks for weight loss

4. Consists of vitamin E – This is another element that fastens your metabolism and adds to the soya’s benefits.

5. High in other nutrients – Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants not only make soya chunks an apt weight loss choice but also supplies the body with the nutrients it needs.

6. Satiety and limiting calorie intake – Feelings of satiety and sufficiency reduces our calorie count and prevents us from eating anything unhealthy and low in nutrition. Eating less calories also allows the body to use any excess stored fat as energy, shedding off some grams on the weight scale.

Soya chunks nutrition facts and protein content

The nutritional value of soya chunks is worth a variety of dishes. The general nutrition content of raw soya chunks per 100 grams is –

Calories – 345 kcal
Protein – 52g
Carbohydrates – 33g
Fibre – 13g
Fat – 0.5g
Calcium – 350mg
Iron – 20mg

Is soya chunks good for weight loss? That shouldn’t even be debatable anymore, its nutrition outline proves enough.

Health advantages of soya chunks

Undeniably, soya chunks are good for weight loss but other than that there are various other health advantages that they come with –

  1. Any menstrual issues like irregular cycles and PCOS are addressed by phytoestrogen in soya. Isoflavones, a type of phytoestrogen, deals with menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings and eases postmenopausal symptoms.
  2. The high protein, fibre, omega-3 fatty acid and polyunsaturated fat content decrease bad cholesterol levels and increase good ones, keeping your heart healthy and happy. 
  3. Soya helps to defeat diseases like cancer, especially breast cancer. The presence of isoflavones and magnesium enhances insulin sensitivity and manages blood sugar.
  4. Magnesium also helps to get a comfortable and calm sleep especially for those who suffer from insomnia.
  5. Soya detoxifies the body and gets rid of any free radicals with the use of its antioxidants.
  6. Being an important protein, it also improves bone health and prevents kidney damage.
  7. Soya chunks also enhance the presence of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria in the intestines, giving aid to digestion.

Soya chunks recipes for weight loss

Soya is a huge part of Asian cuisine and specially for those who are vegetarians and vegans for soya is an alternative of meat for them. In salads, starters or main courses, soya is the centre of many dishes today. Soya chunks for weight loss is a total game changer to the diet.

How to eat soybean for weight loss? Have a look at some soya chunks recipes which have health at their core and taste on the side -

Soya kebab

know soya chunks for weight loss

Add boiled soya chunks in curd infused with spices like chilli, ginger, garlic, salt, coriander powder and lemon juice. Marinate it for a while and hear the sizzles on the pan once you put it to grill.

Soya curry

know soya chunks for weight loss

In a hot and spiced curry with tomato at its base, add boiled soya chunks with kasoori methi and cook for a while. Finally, garnish with green chilies and pair it with chapati or rice.

Soya rice

know soya chunks for weight loss

In a pressure cooker, put soaked rice along with vegetables along with your favourite spices, onions and tomatoes. Add soya chunks and water. Let the whistles blow and allow it to cook. Serve and dress it with some herbs on top.

Soya and veggie stir fry

know soya chunks for weight loss

Begin by choosing a healthy oil like safflower, sunflower, soybean or olive oil and use a minimal amount. Once you heat it, add ginger, garlic and onions. Add other vegetables of your choice and stir fry for 4-5 minutes. Add soya chunks and mix in chilli sauce and soya sauce. Stir fry for another 2-3 minutes and garnish with the greens of spring onions or other herbs of your choice. Serve these hot soya chunks for weight loss and health benefits.

 Soya cutlets

know soya chunks for weight loss

Use a blender and add boiled soya chunks with spices, green chilli, coriander leaves and mint leaves. Transfer in a bowl once the chunks are crumbled and add vegetables like grated carrots, peas or corn. Add breadcrumbs to give your cutlets a crunch and shape them in round balls. Take a pan, heat any kind of healthy oil and cook both the sides till they get golden brown.

Are there any side effects and misconceptions of soya chunks?

Soya chunks are good for weight loss but have limited and mild side effects which are not experienced on a frequent basis. Here are some of them that you can take care of –

1. Soya chunks can cause nausea, constipation and bloating.

2. It can lead to an increase in uric acid and lead to water retention, kidney stones and liver damage.

3. Anybody who has hormone-sensitive problems can face problems if soya is consumed too consistently. The isoflavones in soya are structurally similar to oestrogen and can have similar impact on the body.

4. People who are allergic to soya display symptoms like itching, swelling in the face or throat, vomiting, diarrhoea and itching.

5. Various nutrients like iron, calcium and zinc face a problem getting absorbed due to the high presence of phytic acid in soya. However, this problem could be tackled by soaking or boiling the soya chunks prior to cooking.

know soya chunks for weight loss

While soya chunks for weight loss prove to be really healthy, there are some misconceptions attached to it –

1. Soya interrupts the male hormones and makes them lose muscle, grow breasts or cause erectile dysfunction. This is a very common myth and there is no evidence of this statement even when men consume a large amount of it.

2. Soya increases chances of breast cancer. Even though soya does have compounds similar to oestrogen but they don’t lead to breast cancer instead it shows that consumption of soya leads to fewer chances of getting breast cancer.

3. Soya is not a high-quality protein. This statement isn’t true. It is a high-profile protein and is one of the only few plant proteins with all nine essential amino acids (EAAs).

4. Soya leads to infertility. Again, this is a myth and there is no evidence of this fact even if soya has phytoestrogens.

5. Soya interrupts thyroid function or leads to hypothyroidism. This doesn’t occur unless you consume soya in a large amount. People with thyroid can usually tackle it with their medicines because they are typically asked to wait 1-3 hours before eating anything.


know soya chunks for weight loss

Our friendly protein source, Soya, is a health miracle. Is soya chunks good for weight loss? You must stop asking that now, the goodness of soya answers it all. Make it an essential part of your meals and consider soya chunks for weight loss more generously than you do but keep a count too.

Frequently asked questions –

What are soya chunks?

Soya chunks source themselves from soya beans and are an incredible meat substitute for vegans and vegetarians. Soya chunks are good for weight loss and are one of the most widely suggested protein sources.

How do soya chunks help in weight loss?

Soya chunks are rich in protein, fibre and healthy fats. They are also low in calories and fill the stomach for a long time.

Are soya chunks a complete protein source?

Yes, soya chunks are a complete protein source and consist of all the nine essential amino acids (EAAs).

Are there any side effects of eating soya chunks?

Soya chunks don’t have any severe side effects and are rare but can sometimes lead to bloating or constipation, an increase in uric acid or allergies.

Are soya chunks suitable for everyone?

For people with hormone sensitive issues, thyroid issues and soya allergies, it can be a problem but again it doesn’t happen in a high momentum unless it is consumed in large amounts at consistently.

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