Best ways to lose weight in your 30s
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Best ways to lose weight in your 30s

Do you feel helpless about losing weight in your 30s? Turn your aspirations into achievements and read along to understand the dietary and lifestyle changes you must make at the earliest!

Gone are the days when losing weight after 30 was only a longshot. With handling kids, being at the risk of diseases, spending long hours at the workspace and giving yourself the me time, 30s are one of the most chaotic phases to live through. Our days have gotten busier than ever but making small changes daily can make big changes in your weight in the long run. 

How to lose weight in your 30s? 

There can be limitations with losing weight in your 30s. These could be hormonal changes in both men and women due to the drop in testosterone levels and oestrogen levels respectively but these come later during 40s. Other limitations could be slackening of metabolism due to reduction in exercise hours and loss of muscle or even due to work stress and unhealthy eating patterns. However, if you focus on three areas of your life namely, diet, exercise and lifestyle, weight loss in your 30s wouldn’t be a hard nut to crack. 

know how to lose weight in your 30s

Dietary adjustments for effective weight loss

What you eat ultimately contributes to how your body reacts to it and manages your weight. These dietary adjustments will help you devise a nutritional plan for losing weight in your 30s -

Eat natural and whole foods 

Instead of consuming supplements or processed and packaged food, rely on natural and whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans for your daily intake of nutrients and weight loss. 

Don’t turn to extreme diets

The most obvious choice for people wanting to lose weight is to practise extreme diets. These not only take away from your physical health but your mental health too. Physically, your energy levels could be affected, even leading to nutrient deficiencies and weight gain ultimately. 

know how to lose weight in your 30s


Hydration is key

Not only does water keep our bodily functions going but also assists weight loss.  

Withdraw from any added sugar intake

Sugar can become a major reason for weight gain, especially for those with a sweet tooth. While you can consume honey, maple syrup or even fruits as your sweet intake, avoid too much of table sugar, candy, sweetened beverages and cereals. 

Avoid processed foods

Processed foods have more calories and additives than nutrients. Packaged snacks like chips, instant noodles, cookies or fast food items dipped in oil take you further away from weight loss in your 30s. 

know how to lose weight in your 30s

Fall in love with cooking at home 

When you’re fully in control of what you add to your pan, your meals are less likely to be bulked with calories. 

Cut down on alcohol and other beverages

Alcohols and sweetened beverages only add to your calorie count and leave your body with no nutrients. Most drinks labelled as ‘diet’ actually have added sweeteners which do no good in the long run. 

Don’t put hands in your kid’s meal

Though chicken nuggets, fries, pizzas and burgers could be fine for your kid’s snack, it isn’t healthy if you put your hands in it every time. Even if it’s a few bites or just finishing up your child’s leftover meal, it would hinder losing weight in your 30s. 

know how to lose weight in your 30s

Keep your meals nutrient-rich

Carbs, proteins, healthy fats, fibres, minerals and vitamins are all required in a nutrient-dense diet. Omega-3s and calcium become specifically more important during this age. 

Practise mindful eating

Eating midnight snacks that are unhealthy, not eating a proper breakfast, eating high-calorie dinner or eating just because you’re bored affects your goals of losing weight after 30. 

Exercise and physical activity

Once you are in control of your diet in an organic way, follow these tips on how to increase your physical activity everyday for weight loss in your 30s - 

know how to lose weight in your 30s

Prioritise daily exercising

If you are not a physically active individual, taking baby steps like going for a walk every morning, taking the stairs instead of the lift or walking to the nearby grocery store instead of taking the car could make a good difference. Once you’re in the habit, you can accompany these daily patterns with home workouts, yoga or even visiting the gym. Consistency is the solution here. 

Take your steps outside

If you’re looking forward to making changes in your life and losing weight in your 30s, you can’t be sitting at home and doing them. When you go out, you naturally end up being physically active contrary to being more passive at home. 

know how to lose weight in your 30s

Enjoy what you do 

How to lose weight in your 30s and still have fun with it? Bring back your young passion of hiking, dancing, zumba, cycling, sports, running and pilates. Don’t make your weight loss regime into a boring routine, try to step it up and do something new and make it interesting! 

Give significance to strength training 

Losing lean muscle isn’t the best way to lose weight in your 30s. You should rather focus on strength training and weight-lifting exercises and consuming protein in the most natural way to preserve, grow and repair your muscles along with boosting your metabolism. 

Lifestyle changes for sustainable weight loss  

With changes in your diet and physical activity, changes in your lifestyle could help weight loss in your 30s - 

Focus on other health goals too 

Instead of just attending towards weight loss goals for your next outfit check, focus on improving your health and hormonal balance, strengthening your muscles and bones, increasing your endurance and energy levels or monitoring your physical activity and diet. Each of these motives would aid you in losing weight in your 30s.

know how to lose weight in your 30s

Sleep well

Not having a proper sleep routine leads to imbalance in hormones, increased caloric intake due to sleeplessness or staying up late at night and even a distorted meal schedule. 

Prioritise the future

Even though you’d want immediate weight loss, taking supplements, going on strict diets or making restrictive lifestyle changes wouldn’t last in the long run. 

Consult a nutritionist

You can always consult a nutritionist or healthcare specialist about ‘how to lose weight in your 30s?’ Every person has their own weight loss journey and having a personalised consultation could have quicker and more effective results. 

know how to lose weight in your 30s

Respect your body but make active moves

Self-acceptance is the beginning of change. Don’t hate your body for how it is and start making active changes along with rewarding yourself. 

Set realistic goals

Promising yourself to lose 20 kgs isn’t discouraging or impossible. Making smaller goals however, allows you to achieve them quicker while keeping your motivation high! 

Control your stress 

Stress can be a reason for weight gain as well as mental and physical health depletion. 

Don’t go too extreme 

Though rigour can be your motivation, don’t deprive yourself of cheat days once in a while. You could also alternate your gym routine with dance or zumba sessions. 

know how to lose weight in your 30s

Keep a track 

Be it your exercise routines, caloric intake or weight management, keep a track of your improvements. 

Join your friends

It is great to have a community of friends who are attempting the same weight management goals as you. Not only does it keep you going but also makes you enjoy the process! 


know how to lose weight in your 30s

You might feel helpless or find it tough to begin a new journey of weight loss in your 30s. Having a dietary plan for a caloric deficit and nutrient dense diet, a consistent exercise schedule that you enjoy daily and a change in your lifestyle and habits would leave you surprised about your weight loss! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can stress affect my weight in my 30s?

Stress can lead to weight gain in your 30s due to elevated production of cortisol, overeating, slowing down of metabolism, increased cravings and disrupted sleep patterns.  In some cases, stress leads to unhealthy weight loss as well due to appetite reduction, gastrointestinal issues and elevated energy expenditure. 

Why is weight loss different in your 30s compared to other age groups?

Weight loss in your 30s is different compared to other age groups because at this age, you’re attempting to handle every part of your life from family to work to your health and yourself. This busy schedule leads to the reduction in your exercise hours. Long formed habits till this age are hard to change and the recovery rate of the body slows down too. 

How can I stay motivated during the weight loss journey in my 30s?

Having a fitness community, tracking your progress, rewarding yourself, being consistent, having self-acceptance, getting proper sleep and diet can help you stay motivated during your weight loss journey.

Can hormonal changes in your 30s affect weight loss?

The fall of testosterone levels in men and the fall of oestrogen levels in women due to menopause can lead to weight gain but these usually happen during 40s. Decreasing rate of metabolism and insulin sensitivity with fluctuations in cortisol, leptin, ghrelin and growth hormone leads to weight gain.

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