Dancing for weight loss A fun way to burn calories
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Dancing for weight loss A fun way to burn calories

Shake your body, sway your waist, let your hands free in the air and twirl to the notes of music. Liberate your muscles and grove to your favourite songs, dancing for weight loss!

Think of all the times that you loved dancing at a party and how you hated missing one. What if you could have that same fun and lose weight too? Dance workouts for weight loss are ever-evolving as new styles and steps keep making their appearances. Catch on to these trendy styles as your body begins to lose weight and burn calories. 

Dance benefits for weight loss

Dance workout for weight loss is usually that of high-intensity and focuses on the core, glutes, calves, legs, arms and back. The more intense the dance, the more calories you’ll lose. As long as your heart rate is increasing and you’re sweating, your fat is burning. Dancing makes you flexible, improves muscle strength, increases stamina and balance, strengthens immune system, increases blood flow and reduces risk of diseases. 

How calories burn while dancing?

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An average person burns 300-800 calories while dancing per hour, hip-hop and zumba being high- intensity fall to the higher end of this range while beginner ballet and slow ballroom dancing fall to the lower end. For instance, a person weighing about 68 kgs and dancing for weight loss for 30 minutes is likely to burn around 118 calories doing ballroom dance while burning 207 calories doing hip-hop. If you weigh more, you’re likely to burn more calories and the opposite with weighing less. It depends on how vigorous the dance routine is and how long you’re practising it for. However, to lose more calories, maintaining a caloric deficit is highly recommended. 

Dance and mental well-being

Dancing goes beyond just a physical activity, it also favours our mental well-being. It promotes our cognitive abilities like improving learning, memory, focus and cognitive flexibility. It uplifts mood and takes us farther from disorders like anxiety and depression. Being connected with a social group in dance classes further increases motivation and makes one feel belonged. When you do something that you enjoy, you naturally feel happy and when it has increased benefits of fitness, the smile wouldn’t leave your face. That is exactly what happens with dance workouts for weight loss. Dancing allows you to connect with the music, mind and body and be present in the moment, letting go of any stress and tension. 

Tips for a successful dance weight loss journey

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While you are on your journey of dancing for weight loss, keep these quick tips in mind and make your goals achievable - 

  1. Always do dynamic stretching as a part of your warm up and avoid static stretching. Dynamic stretching could include arm swings, hip rolls, leg swings and light jumps. 
  2. Keep a watch on your moves. Any incorrect or hasty ones could lead to injuries. 
  3. Take a break after a heavy dance practice and allow your body to cool down. 
  4. Wear sweat-absorbing and comfortable sportswear along with shoes that give your ankle support. 
  5. If you feel a sore pain on any of your body parts, stop immediately and check for an injury. 
  6. Have your share of rest days so your body is geared up for the coming sweat-burning week. 
  7. Make sure the space around you is clear so your body can sway without being worried to bump into something. 
  8. If you’re pregnant or have any injuries, check with your doctor before you join a dance class.
  9. Take time to learn difficult steps and keep practising until you ace them. 

Types of dancing for weight loss

Now that you’re well aware of the dos and don'ts of your dancing exercise for weight loss, let’s pick your dance type - 

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Brought from the Latin moves, zumba is a collection of various dance styles that is practised both in low and high-intensity. One of the fastest weight losing styles, it burns about 9.5 calories per minute. It’s fun, fast and furious and sets your body free to sway at music. It uplifts mood, tones the body and strengthens muscles and is one of the best dance workouts for weight loss. 


Another high-calorie burn dance style, it coordinates your body to perform intense movements. For balance and agility or for core and leg strength, this street dance style will make you sweat for the good by the end of it. 

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A dance style for those who aspire precision, technique and strength. Slow and classical in nature, it preaches flexibility, agility and muscle strength. Similar to this is barre, focusing on yoga, pilates and ballet to give a fluid mix of all. From the lower body to the abdomen, it keeps an accurate target.

Pole dancing

Not easy to master, pole exercise incorporates both dancing and acrobatics. While your legs curl around the pole, your body moves like waves, twisting and curving. Muscle strength, fat loss and flexibility are at its core. One should have a trainer for pole dancing to avoid injuries.

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Ballroom dancing 

Heard of tango, waltz or salsa? These are all ballroom dancing styles with your beloved and ones that are friendly to beginners. From core and back to legs, it strengthens your body as your cognitive abilities stretch to remember the steps. 

Create your dance fitness routine

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Finally, let's bring the plan to motion and create for you a dance fitness routine! 

  1. Set goals - This includes scheduling your hours and days for dancing and choosing a weight loss goal based on the style you pick. You should also decide if dance classes work better for you or dancing at home does. 
  2. Pick the dance style - Pick the style that you want to master and one that you think will help you lose weight but don’t just pick it so technically. After all, joy is in pursuing what you enjoy. 
  3. Never miss your warm-up - For a successful dance workout for weight loss, gear up for warm-up and keep your body ready to shake and move. 
  4. Don’t pursue it alone - You could join a class, do it at home with a friend or a family member or join an online class. Keep yourself connected to those who’re pursuing the same activity as you. 
  5. Be consistent - Consistency is key, doing it for 2 days and then missing 1 day wouldn’t improve your fitness. Even if you’re low on motivation, strive to get up and practise. 
  6. Eat healthy - Be it high or low-intensity, consume a nutritious diet and check on your water count. 


know dance workout for weight loss

Dance to lose belly fat or dance to tone your body, it excites the body into motion. For someone who is not a big fan of gyms or workouts, dancing could always be the perfect solution. So, search for the most popular dance classes around you or turn your screens on at home and pursue your favourite beats! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is dancing an effective way to lose weight? 

Yes, dancing is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. There are various types of dance types that can help you burn calories, especially the high-intensity ones. 

Do I need to be a professional dancer to benefit from dance workouts?

You don’t need to be a professional dancer to benefit from dance workouts. There are low-intensity styles that you can start with and following a trainer is the most efficient thing you can do. 

How many calories can I burn through dancing?

While dancing for an hour, an average person burns 300-800 calories. This count depends on the intensity of the style, duration of dancing and your weight. Individuals who weigh more, end up burning more calories than those who weigh less. 

What dance styles are best for weight loss?

Every dance style will make you lose weight in one way or another. When you choose from the high-intensity ones, hip-hop or zumba would be best while on the low-intensity side, ballroom dancing and beginner ballet would be good. If you’re interested in dances like zumba, you can always find their low-intensity forms as well. 

How often should I incorporate dance into my fitness routine for optimal results?

Be it at home dance workout for weight loss or at a class, you should do about 30 minutes of your dance routine everyday for about 4-5 days a week for optimal results. 

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