On a mission to enable everyone to live healthier and longer
Gaurav Gupta
6 months ago | 5 mins

On a mission to enable everyone to live healthier and longer

Excited to share how Gabit will make a difference in the health and wellness space in the near future.

During the pandemic, it became obvious to a lot of us that we have been ignoring our health for the most part. I dug deeper into this and went through my own health journey where I became a much healthier version of myself by making sustainable yet simple changes in my habits around nutrition, fitness, sleep, mindfulness and skin. I was able to reduce my metabolic age from 49 years (when I was actually 39) to 37 years (when I was actually 41), which led to the thought – what will it take to enable this for millions of people? There is nothing better you can do for someone than give them more years of healthy life.

A long and healthy life is everyone’s right and that is our motivation to start Gabit (stands for good habit). There seems to be a widespread belief that longer, healthier living is a privilege that only a few have access to and can choose to pursue. We want to democratise healthy living and ageing, and have built Gabit to enable everyone to add more healthy years to their life. Health is non-negotiable.

The modern world that we live in tends to overlook the intrinsic realities of interconnected living. I spent a lot of time on research and my biggest insight was – health is interconnected. For instance, for getting fit or healthy ageing, you need to be active, eat well, control your stress and manage your sleep well. For healthy skin, using great products is just the beginning. Nutrition, fitness, stress and sleep all have a deep and lasting impact on your skin health. Fitness, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, and skin – these are all interconnected. In a nutshell, to stay healthier for longer, you need to focus on all these, not just one.

Rightly so, the health and wellness space deserves more attention and deeper intervention. 

On the back of our core values — honest, result-oriented, simple, youthful, personalised for you and giving back — we are revolutionising the way people think about their health and habits. Our platform is (emotionally and practically) invested in building and reviving all the good habits that make people live longer and healthier. If I were to describe our mission in one sentence, that’s about it. Our objective is to create the best and most loved health and wellness platform.

Gabit is a one stop platform for all your health and wellness needs — expect high impact offerings in the form of skincare products, personalised plans around nutrition and fitness, fitness wearables, health tech products, nutrition products, and much more, all backed by science and technology. 

We at Gabit are taking a holistic approach – combining the best of fitness, nutrition, sleep, mental wellness and skincare – towards health goals like weight management, staying fit, managing chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension, acne control, healthy ageing, and more. Our singular commitment to balancing this interconnectedness of health is what sets Gabit apart from the rest. 

Since embarking on a health journey often becomes a matter of continued motivation, we have what we call Clan – small, interactive groups of Gabins (that’s what we call our users) with similar health goals who have fun in this journey together. Clan members keep each other motivated as they face similar challenges. In the same vein, we also have a larger community of Gabins – imagine a lot of inspired individuals enthusiastically sharing their healthy lunch pics or their latest fitness milestones on our app, so as to inspire each other to get healthier.

No wonder, thanks to this bonhomie, in just a few months of going live, we’ve already nurtured a community of thousands of Gabins. Not to mention, we continue to collaborate with the best of experts in each of the areas who play an active role in expanding the horizon of health and wellness for us. Our panel of experts includes celebrity nutritionist, celebrity fitness coach, renowned dermatologist, and international experts.

We are leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that we cover all possible grounds in enhancing the health journeys that Gabins take with us – with the best combination of nature and science. 

Every individual is different and all the health plans that we offer take this important detail into account. One look at our app and you will know what I am talking about. Words like ‘personalised’ and ‘customised’ are commonplace in our daily functioning. Even with our skincare products, we offer a personalised skincare routine specific to an individual’s skin type, skin concerns, and skin goals. 

It’s very important to us that we prioritise our users and deliver the best for them. We have taken over a year to build and launch because we chose to go the extra mile to develop all good-no harm skincare products, and well-researched fitness and meal plans. 

Infused with effective ingredients — probiotics, prebiotics, superfoods and actives — our skincare products are all good, with nothing harmful in them. Moreover, our skincare products are aspirational yet affordable. They deliver results, yet are gentle. All our skincare products – moisturiser, serum, face wash and sunscreen – are developed by dermatologists, are cruelty-free, vegan, with sustainable packaging. Good for you, good for the environment! 

We started a little over a year ago and right now, we are at an exciting stage: our platform is ready and already showing early signs of the impact and user love that I had originally hoped for during the conception stage. 

Once a Gabin signs up on our platform, we are with them through and through – in the form of a buddy, fitness coach, nutrition coach and habit coach, not to mention AI-enabled tools that help you build good habits in your health and wellness journey. 

We have FitBot, an AI fitness coach, that counts your reps for you, your calories and even gives you a posture score. Think of it as a health buddy in your pocket! And then there is SkinBot – a feature that assesses the quality of your skin by just looking at your face. It’s amazing. Oh, did we mention our food database? It is so expansive with macros and micros details of every food item that you would be glad to have a new easy-to-prepare-at-home healthy recipe at your fingertips every single day. 

We have also introduced some game-changing features on the app for nutrition like the Gabit Food Score that tells you how good (or bad) is the food you eat, basis a whole host of parameters including macro and micro nutrients.

All these features and products took us a long time to develop, and it wasn’t easy, but we are glad we’ve reached this far. 

Our ultimate goal is to keep winning the trust of more and more people, by making a positive impact on their lives. And going by our experiences so far, we are thrilled to be on the right path. That said, we are only getting started. 

I am pumped and if you care about your long-term health goals, you should be, too. Join me in the Gabit movement

We’d love to hear from you, reach out to us at care@gabit.com 

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