How probiotics helps in weight loss?
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How probiotics helps in weight loss?

Would you rely on the bacteria in your body for losing weight? One such type, probiotics help in weight loss and can be found in various food items on your kitchen shelves!

You would’ve heard of probiotics amongst references of improving digestion, dermal, immune or heart health. The fact that probiotics help in weight loss just gives you another reason to consider them in your diet. There rests a complex connection between how probiotics help in weight loss, thus still being in the hands of ongoing research. 

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are live microorganisms taken as supplements or are found in fermented food items like yoghurt, buttermilk, kefir, raw cheese and whole wheat bread. When consumed in adequate amounts, these bacteria are helpful to the body. Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria are its most functional types and assist in digestion as well as weight loss. 

The connection between probiotics and weight management

Do probiotics help you lose weight? Well, yes, weight management is said to have links with the composition of probiotics in the body. Individuals are likely to gain more weight if the configuration of these bacteria is less diverse. Those with a healthy weight range have a fair diversity of these bacteria which one can enhance by consuming probiotics through supplements or natural sources. 

How probiotics help in losing weight?

know probiotics helps in weight loss

Other than just their proportions, probiotics play an active role in regulating our weight. By converting fibre into short-chain fatty acid, probiotics help in weight loss by reducing the fat storage in the body. It releases appetite regulating hormones which reduces hunger and leads to weight loss. Improving metabolism and insulin sensitivity is linked to calorie burn as well. By protecting the gut lining and even through preparing short-chain fatty acids, probiotics can reduce inflammation. 

Probiotics for belly fat and overall weight loss have proved to be useful, especially ones in the Lactobacillus family. Burning calories in one aspect of weight loss, the other is to prevent weight gain altogether which is something that probiotics can influence. Body weight, waist circumference and body mass index (BMI), all go through a reduction cycle with the intake of probiotics. 

Where are probiotics found?

know probiotics helps in weight loss

Probiotics are majorly found in the gastrointestinal tract of the body and pose various health benefits to the body. To ensure an adequate amount of these, one can take supplements rich in Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria. Probiotics are generously found in various natural sources like yoghurt, kimchi, miso, buttermilk, idli, dosa, kefir, raw cheese, sauerkraut, dhokla, cottage cheese, pickles, whole wheat bread and kanji. 

Choosing the right probiotics for weight loss

Which probiotic is best for weight loss? You could answer this query by referring to these parameters below - 

  1. CFU (colony-forming unit) count  - It is the calculation of live bacteria in the supplement. The product must provide at least 1 billion CFUs per serving, however this could vary on the basis of strains, purpose of intake and health status of the individual. 
  2. Labelling - When you buy the supplement , choose ones that give you the total CFU count at the end of the shelf life. Being microorganisms, you need to know how many of them would be alive by the end of your dosage. 
  3. Specific strains - If you’re looking forward to consuming a certain strain, check the amount before buying the product. Do similarly when you’re trying to consume a diverse set of strains. 
  4. Shelf or refrigerator stable - If you’re someone who doesn’t travel often, especially for work, then having a probiotic which needs refrigeration, seems like a good choice but if you’re likely to travel often, choose a shelf-stable product. 
  5. Intolerances - Don't just choose probiotics helping in weight loss but also see to it that they are aligned with your dietary restrictions like veganism, vegetarian, lactose intolerance and others. Keep in check any sort of allergies that these probiotics could trigger. 
  6. Tried and tested - There are credible organisations that put these probiotics to a series of checks before we can consume them. Look for the supplements they certify and suggest. 
  7. Expiry date - Buy the supplement that has a good shelf life from the date of its purchase. Keep a check on the expiry date so you don’t end up consuming it beyond the mentioned date. 
  8. Costing - You can always find probiotics helping in weight loss and at the same time, ones that fit within your budget. 
know probiotics helps in weight loss

Tips for incorporating probiotics into your diet

In your balanced diet, here are some ways through which probiotics could fit in - 

know probiotics helps in weight loss

Yoghurt being the biggest source of probiotics, helps in weight loss and can be easily incorporated in the diet, especially during breakfast with nuts and fruits.

Pickles and chutneys are other probiotics helping in weight loss.  They could add a tickle to your taste buds along with some healthy bacteria. 

know probiotics helps in weight loss

Making dishes like dosa or idli for lunch or dinner would naturally give you a whole meal rich in probiotics. 

For all the tea lovers out there, kombucha is a natural source of probiotics and can be alternated with your usual tea choices. 

know probiotics helps in weight loss

Whole wheat bread toasts with raw cheeses can be consumed during breakfast or as a snack, installing some probiotics in your diet. 

Probiotics help in weight loss and smoothies blended with yoghurt or kefir are a healthy pick. 

One must be consistent with the doses whether it be supplements or natural for optimistic results. However, take a gradual approach of making this change to your diet. 

Supplements come in forms of powders, capsules or tablets and can be taken once in a day. Probiotics help in weight loss and can be taken daily and at any time of the day. Consult with a health care specialist or your doctor before you begin a dosage to prevent side effects. 

Risks of probiotics for weight loss

know probiotics helps in weight loss

Probiotics help in weight loss but it leads to certain side effects that you must keep under your watch - 

  1. At an initial stage, individuals may experience bloating, gas and constipation but these should go within some weeks. 
  2. There might be some probiotics that lead to weight gain. Thus, one must take a thorough check of the product and the strains it contains to avoid this issue. 
  3. When protein-rich foods are fermented, they produce amines which can trigger headaches or increase and decrease blood flow. 
  4. For those who have intolerances and allergies, probiotics help in weight loss but might end up giving rise to these reactions.
  5. Bacterial overgrowth in the intestine can lead to infections. 
  6. Overconsumption might also lead to antibiotic resistance, a condition where antibiotics prove to be ineffective in curing infections because the bacteria end up being numb to their exposure. 
  7. For those suffering from chronic and severe diseases or having a weak immune system, probiotics could be a problem and they must stay away from their consumption or talk to a doctor before they consider the dosage.


know probiotics helps in weight loss

Can probiotics help you lose weight? Being a subject of ongoing study, we can’t fully answer that but there is no denial to the fact that existing studies have proved that probiotics indeed have a link to weight loss. Though supplements are readily available in the market, you must rely on the natural sources as much as you can. Be wary of overconsumption and discover how probiotics do not just help your digestive and heart health but weight loss as well! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right probiotics for weight loss?

Choosing the right probiotics for weight loss depends on the specific strains you’re looking for and the CFU count. You must check if it has been certified by a reputed organisation and has a quality that can be trusted. 

Can probiotics pose any risks or side effects when used for weight loss?

Probiotics help in weight loss but some can lead to bloating, gas, headaches, antibiotic resistance, infections and allergies. A counter effect of weight gain could happen too. It might have negative effects on those who have a compromised immune system or serious illnesses. 

Can probiotics help with specific weight loss goals, such as belly fat reduction?

Probiotics belonging to the Lactobacillus family can help with belly reduction. Probiotics are known to decrease waist circumference, BMI and even prevent weight gain. 

Can probiotics improve exercise performance and enhance weight loss outcomes?

Probiotics are known to improve exercise performance by increasing energy levels, keeping a healthy gut, enhancing muscle recovery, increasing the endurance for high-intensity exercises and mainly enhancing the immune system. 

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