Is peanut butter beneficial in weight loss?
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Is peanut butter beneficial in weight loss?

Ever imagined that your go-to breakfast spread that you’d otherwise classify as being highly caloric to be a weight loss diet choice? Read further and explore how peanut butter and weight loss are connected.

Oh, so delicious and lusciously creamy yet crunchy in every bite, our nutrient-friendly peanut butter also strives to maintain our weight. A symphony of salty and sweet, peanut butter might just be the diet inspiration that you’re looking for. Though high-caloric profile is a feature of peanut butter, weight loss persists to be its goal because of its protein and nutrient rich composition. 

Is peanut butter beneficial in weight loss?

Cast an eye over these versatile benefits of peanut butter for weight loss –


Not only does protein increase metabolism, it burns calories through the thermic effect. If you’re exercising alongwith a diet, protein helps to preserve lean muscle and repair it as well. 


Being rich in nutrients, especially protein, peanut butter makes one feel full for longer which most low-fat or sugar-free snacks wouldn’t.

Nutrient density 

Consisting of healthy fats, protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals, peanut butter helps one sustain through intense exercising sessions, indirectly assisting in weight loss. 

know best peanut butter for weight loss

Reducing appetite 

Peanut butter and weight loss go hand in hand when reducing appetite is concerned. Feelings of fullness and satisfaction doesn’t make one crave for food in short spans of time. It prevents overeating since it supplies the body with healthy fats.

Diverse as an ingredient 

Be it with breads, oats, fruits or in yoghurts, peanut butter is a versatile choice and can be paired with almost anything that you like. It is also a go-to option that has a long shelf life.

Health benefits of peanut butter beyond weight loss

know best peanut butter for weight loss

Peanut butter and weight loss are indeed connected but its benefits escalate to overall health as well - 

  1. Peanut butter has antioxidants that lower the risk of heart diseases. These antioxidants work against inflammation, increase blood circulation and lower blood pressure.
  2. With magnesium, vitamin B and vitamin E, peanut butter prevents cell damage and cancer cell growth. It ends up repairing any cell damages as well. 
  3. Oleic acid in peanut butter lowers both blood sugar and insulin resistance. Having a good content of magnesium, it has an added benefit to diabetic patients. 
  4. Magnesium and phosphorus offer your bones with a boost of strength and healthy development. 
  5. Fibrous in composition, it supports a healthy gut. 
  6. Other than helping internally, its contents protect the skin from scorching UV exposure and embrace the growth of healthy hair. 

Role of peanut butter in various diet plans

Every individual has a different diet plan according to their lifestyle and peanut butter fits in each one of them - 

Vegan and vegetarian diets 

Lucky for all the vegans and vegetarians who are looking forward to consuming peanut butter, weight loss goals could still be at the centre of them since peanut butter is plant-based.

Keto diet 

Low in carbohydrates and high in satiety, it fulfils the conditions of a loyal keto diet follower. 

Balanced diet

A balanced diet is a mix and match of nutrients and peanut butter has so many of them making it totally fit for one. Healthiest peanut butters for weight loss ensure that these nutrients are made readily available to the body. 

know best peanut butter for weight loss

Weight loss diet

Haven’t we been discovering the benefits of peanut butter for weight loss? Nutrient rich, especially in protein and making one feel full and energetic, peanut butter is the ultimate healthy yet appetising choice. 

Sports and athletic diets 

For those who have a physically active lifestyle, high energy, versatile nutrient profile, weight maintenance and muscle recovery and preservation are at the core. All of these necessities are flawlessly fulfilled by peanut butter. 

Children’s diets 

Which parent doesn’t struggle with feeding a healthy dish to their child? Being a delectable spread, dip and paste, it flavours every dish with nutrition and taste. 

Peanut butter for weight loss ideas

Upgrade your kitchens with the best peanut butter for weight loss and cook these recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner -

know best peanut butter for weight loss

Peanut butter toast 

Nope, this isn’t another conventional peanut butter smeared over toast recipe. You could now add berries, bananas, avocados, eggs and even seeds on the top with a good peanut butter for weight loss. 

Peanut butter oatmeal 

A quick and quirky mix of ingredients, wholesomely healthy oats with the salty and sweet punch of peanut butter makes up a fulfilling meal, lasting your stomach for a good few hours. 

know best peanut butter for weight loss

Peanut butter smoothie 

With the same oats, add in some yoghurt and finally blend in peanut butter with a fruit or two of your choice and here comes your 5-minute smoothie mingle. 

Peanut butter quinoa salad 

A favourite of Thai cuisine, quinoa with a creamy and savoury peanut butter sauce and some roasted peanuts on the top makes your tummy grin wide. The taste of peanut butter and weight loss goals sync perfectly in this salad. 

know best peanut butter for weight loss

Peanut butter chicken or tofu wraps 

Grab your healthiest peanut butter for weight loss for this one! Whether you’re vegetarian or non-vegetarian, both chicken and tofu can be added into a peanut butter sauce knocked with spices wrapped in some healthy veggies. 

Peanut butter and weight loss: The science

know best peanut butter for weight loss

The question here is, which is the best peanut butter for weight loss? 

Amongst natural and regular, it is natural that is recommended as the healthiest peanut butter for weight loss. Regular or conventional peanut butter contains added salts, sugars and oils. However, natural peanut butter is just peanuts without any additions or are in minimal amounts. 

The nutritional profile of natural peanut butter per two tablespoons or 32 grams is - 

Calories - 190 
Protein - 8 grams
Fat - 16 grams 
Carbohydrates - 7 grams 
Fibre - 3 grams 
Sugar - 1 gram 

Peanut butters also come in various textures and flavours. They can be creamy or crunchy. Smooth and silky to spread are the creamy ones while ones added with bits of peanuts are the crunchy ones. Flavoured peanut butters include ones with chocolate, cinnamon or honey and even berries. To add in drinks, powdered peanut butter can be used. It is prepared by removing oil from the peanuts and then grinding the peanuts into a powder. By mixing it with water, it can be made into a paste. 

When it comes to peanut butter, weight loss is a subject of controversy because as healthy as it is, it is also highly caloric because of its fat content. The nutritional value of peanut butter is what makes it beneficial for overall health and for feeling full for long hours. It can still be added into your weight loss diet when consumed in moderation. What you pair it with and the quantity of your consumption is what really matters.


know best peanut butter for weight loss

A good peanut butter for weight loss is one without an additional amount of sugars, salts or oils. With its wide range of health benefits, it contributes to weight loss by making you feel full for longer, reducing your appetite and being protein-rich. A concoction of salty and sweet flavours, it can be paired with fruits, oats and even spiced to be added in salads and wraps. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can peanut butter actually help with weight loss?

Qualities like nutrient density, protein-rich, reducing appetite and satiety makes peanut butter a helpful ingredient for weight loss recipes. 

Are all types of peanut butter good for weight loss?

Natural peanut butter is the healthiest peanut butter for weight loss because it comes without the addition of sugars, salts and oils. Some people even prefer to make it at home.

Is peanut butter a good snack for weight loss?

Yes, peanut butter is a great snack for weight loss which can be consumed in quinoa salads, smoothies, oatmeals, cookies, wraps and with toasts and fruits. 

Does peanut butter help in building muscle as well as weight loss?

Having a good quantity of protein, peanut butter aids weight loss by making one feel satiated, burning calories through thermic effect and boosting metabolism. Protein also preserves lean muscle and relieves sore ones. 

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