Metabolic conditioning for weight loss
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Metabolic conditioning for weight loss

If you’re ready to give a second chance to your metabolism, discover how metabolic conditioning works for fat loss and how you can make the best out of it in your routine.

Heard about less is more? That is exactly the expertise of metabolic conditioning, it focuses on burning more calories in a specific duration of time. For anyone who is into sports or physically engaging jobs, this must be a common term but these trainings can now be included for beginners to lose weight as well. 

What is metabolic conditioning?

Metabolic conditioning helps you to maximise your calorie burn during and after exercise by utilising the energy pathways. From moderate to high-intensity workouts, metabolic conditioning for fat loss oscillates between a clever balance of exercise and rest. ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the molecule that serves the energy demands of the body is highly required for metabolic conditioning. During high-intensity workouts, ATP stands loyal to fuel energy to muscles. 

Benefits of metabolic conditioning

Here are a few benefits of metabolic conditioning that make it totally worth a try - 

Burns calories quicker - Within minutes of intense exercising, your body begins to crunch down calories leading to rapid weight loss. 

Saves time - These exercises sufficiently fit themselves in 20 minutes making it easier to schedule them in your busy routine. 

Increases lean body mass - Building muscle and reducing fat leads to increased energy expenditure because muscle is metabolically active. This gives a slim tone to the body. 

know metabolic conditioning for fat loss

Promotes afterburn - Even after you’re done working out, your body continues to burn calories, adding to the numbers burnt during exercise. Afterall, don’t we all enjoy the extra benefits of our efforts? 

Respects diversity - You can mix and match exercise routines and add in weights like dumbbells as well. It depends on what works for you and what you prefer doing. 

Prevents workout plateau - Metabolism conditioning for fat loss always poses a competitive challenge to conquer, hence preventing workout plateaus and boredom. 

know metabolic conditioning for fat loss

Improves cardiovascular fitness and hormonal health - Endurance, stamina, heart and hormonal health are intact with these exercises. 

How to prepare for metcon? 

As a beginner, here are a few things you should keep in consideration when you’re preparing for your earliest metcon workouts - 

Type of exercises - This depends on if you exercise at your home or at a gym or if you do it with or without equipment. It majorly depends on what garners you the benefits of metabolic conditioning, what challenges you and what you enjoy doing. 

Intensity - Once you pick the exercises, it is crucial how you set them in a routine and how many seconds do you give to rest after every exercise. The number of sets and reps that you finalise matters here. 

Time - Is it 10 minutes or would you give it 20 minutes? It depends on how much your planner allows you and what is suitable to your body. Anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes, you could set a timer though 20 minutes is a good one to stay consistent on. 

Frequency - For a beginner, even 2 days in a week is a good place to start. Eventually, you can increase it to 3-4 days per week according to your stamina and requirements. Don’t exercise on consecutive days because your body needs time for recovery after an intense training session.

Types of metabolic conditioning

One of the types includes tactical metabolic conditioning for individuals in military, emergency services or law enforcement. These training sessions mimic the scenarios that these individuals encounter stretching their physical abilities and moulding them according to the demands of their jobs. 

For sports players, workouts differ as per their specific expertise of sports. However, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), strength training and anaerobic threshold workouts are part of most of them. 

know metabolic conditioning for fat loss

For those wanting to do metabolic conditioning for fat loss, these techniques could come in handy - 

  1. Circuit Training - You perform a certain number of exercises with minimal rest time between each. 
  2. AMRAP (As many rounds as possible) - Within a fixed time frame, you perform as many rounds of the exercises as possible. 
  3. EMOM (Every minute on the minute) - You perform a fixed count of reps at the start of every minute and the leftover seconds are for you to rest before the next minute starts. 

How does metcon aid weight loss?

Metabolic conditioning for fat loss takes place by making use of the three energy pathways that give fuel to our body. 

know metabolic conditioning for fat loss

When you immediately push your body for fast paced sprints, the phosphagen pathway provides you energy for the first few seconds. For shorter workouts that are of high-intensity, this pathway comes into action. 

know metabolic conditioning for fat loss

When you pursue circuit training or HIIT workout sessions, the glycolytic pathway comes into play. For exercises that are moderately intense and last up to 3-4 minutes, this pathway gives energy in the form of carbohydrates. 

While cycling, jogging or doing low-intensity exercises, the oxidative pathway activates itself. It majorly uses energy in the form of fat and requires oxygen which the other two pathways don’t. 

Metabolic conditioning stresses on phosphagen and glycolytic pathways because they instantly fuel our bodies for high-intensity exercises and because they are quick sources of energy and allow you to sustain high-intensity exercises. They also contribute to an increased EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). While exercising we all fall short on oxygen and are usually huffing, this happens as a result of oxygen debt. The body then repays for this post workout and also indulges in ATP restoration and tissue repair, all of which requires energy and leads to calorie loss. 

Tips to efficiently perform metcon workout

Benefits of metabolic conditioning can be well achieved if you stick to these tips - 

know metabolic conditioning for fat loss
  1. Your nutrition matters a lot. Consume what keeps your body energetic but maintain a caloric deficit as well. 
  2. Keep your body well hydrated so your body feels supported during workout. 
  3. A warm-up routine is essential before starting the workout. It increases the blood flow and raises the temperature of the body which both prevents injury and pushes your body for a successful workout. 
  4. Metabolic conditioning for fat loss involves high-intensity exercises that might not be in every individual’s practice. Climb the ladder up gradually and increase the intensity as your body allows but don’t forget to challenge yourself! 
  5. Don’t do the exercises everyday and allow your body to recover. At the same time, take breaks between exercises so you’re ready to pump in all your efforts for the next set.
  6. Always pick intensity over duration. More intense exercises need less time to be performed with greater results. 
  7. If you have any major health conditions, consult with your doctor or healthcare specialist before you begin any routines. 
know metabolic conditioning for fat loss

Final thoughts

Backing up a good metabolism and caloric burn, metabolic conditioning for fat loss is the best challenge to take. Make use of your energy pathways and lose your calories even after the workout. With a range of benefits and techniques, it trains your metabolism in action within a few minutes. 

Frequently asked questions

Is metcon suitable for beginners?

Every workout has a base level to start. Beginners can opt for metcon as long as they gradually increase the intensity of the exercises once the body is accustomed. 

Are there any age restrictions for metcon workouts?

There aren’t any age restrictions for these workouts, however, one should keep their medical conditions, nutrition and fitness level in check before beginning. 

Will metcon help with muscle building as well as weight loss?

Though majorly done to enhance the body's energy systems and weight loss, metcon can help with muscle building by weight training, engagement of various muscles and losing body fat. 

know metabolic conditioning for fat loss

What nutritional considerations are important for metcon?

One should have high protein intake, balancing it with carbohydrates and healthy fats. Hydration, pre and post-workout meal is a key consideration for metcon. 

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