Weight loss exercises for women at home
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Weight loss exercises for women at home

If you’re looking for a workout routine that favours both your schedule and goals, these weight loss exercises for females at home could come in handy!

Bored or busy at home, fitness has become the priority of a healthy wellbeing. It has become imperative that we fit a fat burning session in our daily calendars and there is no better way to achieve this than using the friendly space around. Weight loss exercises for females at home could be your all time solution. 

Benefits of home workouts

The benefits of exercises for weight loss at home for females has endless privileges and benefits, here are some of them –

1. Flexibility of schedule – You might work out on some days during the morning and on others, in the evening. At home, you don’t have designated hours of working out unlike a gym and that’s what makes it easier to fit in the everyday hustle. Your chances of skipping a day also reduce.

2. Saves time – To get dressed, drive to a gym, workout, come back and then get to your day can be time straining for some people but to get dressed and go to the next room and workout wouldn’t be.

3. Versatility – Working out outside can have two disadvantages, the equipment you want to use isn’t free or available and you’re bored by the same exercises every day. Both these problems can be curbed by working out at home, you can buy the minimal equipment you need and can immediately put them to use and practise different types of fitness routines everyday and so many of them don’t require expensive gym tools and still make burning calories a fun activity.

4. Pocket friendly – Your wallet wouldn’t weep working out at home with minimal to no money being spent unlike a gym.

5. Offers privacy and focus – Some people have better focus on their fitness regime when there aren’t people around them. At home, both privacy and focus are ensured.

6. Hygienic – Sweat, germs and heat in the gym might not be the best accompaniments but hygiene and cleanliness are for sure at home.

Before you start: Warm-up routine

know weight loss exercise for female at home

Do you ever wonder how people nail high-intensity exercises with flexibility and not get injured? It is because they give minutes and importance to warm-up prior to working out. Before doing exercises for weight loss, women at home could inculcate jogging leg lifts, jumping jacks, arm circles, leg swings, hip circles, knee lifts and toe touches in their warm-up routine. It increases blood flow, reduces chances of getting injured, promotes flexibility and gears our mind and body to be ready for an intense workout session.

Strength training for women

Strength training for women comes with a range of benefits like losing body fat, boosting metabolism, building lean muscle mass, improving bone and brain health, raising energy levels, giving balance to posture and reducing the symptoms of various diseases.

Bodyweight exercises help strengthen the body without using weights like dumbbells. These include lunges, burpees, planks, triceps dips, step ups and squats.

weight loss exercise for female at home

If you can arrange for weights, exercises like chest press, shoulder press, triceps kickback, lying dumbbell fly, dumbbell squat, dumbbell calf raise and dumbbell walking lunge could be useful. There are other sets of exercises with resistance bands like leg press, bicep curl, standing glute kickbacks, russian twists and squat jacks.

Best exercises to lose weight at home

Here are a list of weight loss exercises for females at home - 

weight loss exercise for female at home

1. Skipping or jumping rope – If you want to burn an immense amount of calories in a short time, try skipping rope everyday for 10-15 minutes and attempt as many sets between that and slowly increase the time. If you don’t want to do it as a solitary exercise, you can do it along with other exercises as well. Jumping rope for 1 minute burns 10 calories! 

weight loss exercise for female at home

2. Push-ups and pull-ups - Targeting the whole upper body including back, core, arms and shoulder, push-ups and pull-ups are the one of the best weight loss exercises for women. Beginners can do 2-3 sets of 5-10 push-ups everyday and 2-3 sets of 2-5 pull-ups everyday. 

3. Planks - Planks are done by holding the position of a push-up while it engages your muscles and core. Begin by doing this for 10-20 seconds and gradually increase the time. Side plank, reverse plank and walking plank are several variations. 

4. Squats - Squats target calves, thighs, glutes and hips and are an impressive way to lose weight. With the usual squat, sumo squat, frog squat, jump squat, dumbbell squat and wall sit can be altered in the routine. 

weight loss exercise for female at home

5. Yoga - Having the longest legacy in fitness and health, yoga is the mother of every workout regime. Although done slow and steady, it is highly effective when done properly as a part of female weight loss exercises. For beginners, surya namaskar, bridge pose, triangle pose, downward facing dog pose, chair pose and warrior pose could come in useful and convenient. 

Best time to exercise

An objective advice for the best hour to work out has little to no meaning because it bears subjective results. Morning workouts give an all day boost to the body with an increased rate of metabolism throughout the day. It gives you good quality sleep and sweating fat on an empty stomach, burns more calories. Having fewer distractions and higher levels of cortisol in the morning helps exercising become a daily habit. 

However, some people feel tired throughout the day because waking up early for a workout affects them negatively. To fit fitness sessions in their schedule, people skip morning meals and directly get to workouts, this can lead to a drop in their energy level and performance during exercising. 

weight loss exercise for female at home

Those who choose to workout in afternoons or evenings find it effective because body temperature and performance levels are at their highest. Your body is already in motion, hence, getting into an exercise hour becomes easy, especially for HIIT. You could de-stress and get rid of any anxious emotions you faced during professional work. To some people, night workouts can be problematic for sleeping while for others it is unwinding after the day. 

We can’t really judge if it's morning or evening that is better for exercises for weight loss at home for females. It is for the individual to try and experiment which hour works best for their fitness and overall productivity.

Diet tips for weight loss

weight loss exercise for female at home

Weight loss exercise for females at home is only one part of achieving goals, the other is to maintain a healthy diet. Consider these tips - 

  1. Eat fewer calories than what you burn, a caloric deficit of 500 is always a good place to start. 
  2. Load your meals with protein, fibre and whole foods like fruits, vegetables and grains. 
  3. Don’t consume calories in the form of sweets and drinks. 
  4. Practise mindful eating and find substitutes of fried snacks between meals. 
  5. Don’t end up overeating white watching TV or scrolling through social media. 
  6. People who aren’t well hydrated are likely to be more obese so prioritise drinking water regularly. 


weight loss exercise for female at home

To efficiently achieve the exercises for weight loss, women at home need to maintain a consistent workout routine with a protein-rich and fat-free diet. At home, you find comfort, motivation and time to utilise to your best potential and one of the best ways is to take care of your fitness! 

Frequently asked questions 

Can I really lose weight with home workouts? 

Yes, you definitely can lose weight with home workouts like squats, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, crunches and planks. Maintain a healthy diet and workout for at least 30 minutes per day for 4-5 days a week. 

Do I need any equipment for home exercises?

Equipment isn't a mandatory need for home exercises. You can achieve weight loss and bodyweight exercises without equipment as well. 

Is cardio or strength training more important for weight loss?

Weight training is majorly done to gain muscle while cardio helps better with weight loss when done regularly throughout the week. 

Can yoga contribute to weight loss for women at home?

Yoga, though seems slow but when done everyday in the right posture aims to reduce weight. Active yoga helps to burn calories, improve metabolism and tone the body. 

How can I stay motivated to work out at home?

While practising exercises for weight loss, women at home might end up slacking. Tracking your progress, listening to upbeat music, exercising with a partner, rewarding yourself, getting enough sleep and alternating between fitness routines or exercises, can keep you motivated. 

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