Weight loss motivation: Role of motivation in weight loss
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Weight loss motivation: Role of motivation in weight loss

Explore the role of motivation in weight loss. Understand common challenges and practical tips to overcome them. Sustain long-term motivation and foster a positive mindset for successful fitness journeys.

Let us start this blog by drawing a parallel between life and a video game. To achieve progress, you need to cross levels. In order for real progress to unfold, your character needs to face obstacles that will help it grow and develop. The key to this development is acting on an inner calling, which is an energy that inspires you to take on obstacles and bring about change in unfavourable situations. That inner calling is, very simply put, your motivation and is the first step to change and growth.

Motivation is also the fuel that helps us to drive on various paths of life, one of them being fitness. Whether it is consistency or joining a gym as a newbie, a little voice telling us what to do pushes us. Nonetheless,  weight loss motivation is one thing that connects most people. Shedding those extra kilos and seeing the scale go down is one of the best feelings in the world! To discuss the role of motivation for weight loss, continue reading.

What does motivation mean?

Motivation is derived from the word ‘motive’, which means desire or wants. Therefore, motivation is an inner state that stimulates and maintains goal-oriented behaviours that help us achieve our desires and wants. Every time you have been successful at doing something, it starts with the inner voice and motivation.

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Why do people want to lose weight?

Everyone wants to lose weight, but not everyone may necessarily have the motivation to lose weight. This is because wanting something is a lot easier than pushing ourselves to actually to do it. However, when we understand the ‘Why’ behind wanting to do something, the ‘How’ becomes much easier. Here are a few reasons that might give you weight loss motivation.

  • Increase attractiveness: This is one of the most common factors of why people want to lose weight. An attractive and fit body is deemed to be more desirable and increases social status to some extent.
  • Health concerns: A lot of people suffer from conditions like obesity, diabetes and depression. Exercising and eating healthy have a role in drastically improving health conditions and losing weight.
  • Boost their energy: Extra weight on the body drains you of your energy. Losing weight can help you to keep your energy levels high for longer periods.
  • Increased confidence: Going to the gym or eating right consistently builds confidence in yourself. Moreover, increasing fitness levels to look better also improves confidence.
  • For better sleep: Being overweight or unfit can cause you to have sleep disruptions. Weight loss motivation will keep you on the right track to better sleep. 
  • Balances your mood: Research has shown that exercise and a good diet can have an impact on your mood, reducing anxiety, releasing endorphins and reducing cortisol (stress hormone).
know motivation for weight loss

Common weight loss challenges

This is a list of a few challenges that can hinder your motivation for weight loss.

  • Not having time to exercise: We all have busy schedules and it can be daunting to take some time out for exercise. Nevertheless, if we do not take active steps, it isn’t easy to reach the destination. Start by taking out 30 minutes 4 days a week and then build up to adding more time.
  • Snacking between meals: We often restrict ourselves during meals thinking it will help us lose more weight but end up eating extra snacks between meals. This causes you to gain weight instead of losing any.
  • Thinking healthy food is expensive: Remove the misconception from your head that you need to add fancy items to your cart to lose weight. Grains, pulses, fruits and vegetables are inexpensive. On the other hand, ordering in and having unwanted sweets and fizzy drinks can cost you a lot of money.
  • Having no time to cook: People who live alone or work big shifts usually find difficulty cooking every day. The solution to this challenge is to Meal Prep in advance so that you can take out enough time to just cook.
  • Having excess alcohol: Habits like excessive drinking can lead to the loss of motivation weight loss and also increase the fat percentage in your body.
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The role of motivation in weight loss

Motivation impacts the success and sustainability of weight loss. Tons of people want to lose weight because they are either advised to do it by a doctor or someone close to them. However, if the want to lose weight is not intrinsic, the road to motivation for weight loss is going to be very bumpy. Therefore, you should start by understanding your personal reasons and factors to lose weight. An external push can only take you through half the journey. It is your job to build motivation regularly to get to the destination.

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Tips to boost weight loss motivation

A comprehensive list of points that give you weight loss motivation:

  • Start small: Constantly being surrounded by social media, one becomes impressionable to fake beauty and fitness standards. Understand what your body requires to divide the plan into small achievable steps to see results.
  • Find an exercise partner: Even though the motivation may not be intrinsic, it helps you to be accountable for your efforts and progress
  • Celebrate small wins: We often dismiss our efforts and do not credit ourselves for our successes, however small they may be. Start by giving that credit to yourself for hitting the gym 2 weeks in a row or being consistent in following a meal plan through diet motivation.
  • Planning on a paper: Putting your goals and plans down on paper gives you more clarity and helps you look at things more objectively. It could help you understand the right and wrong steps you’re taking to plan more effectively.
know motivation for weight loss

Maintaining motivation for long-term

Motivating yourself over a long period is challenging. Start by implementing these steps for long-term weight loss motivation.

  • Finding your ‘Why’ - This becomes important when you feel demotivated to hit the gym or eat healthy. Reminding yourself of the true purpose behind your actions will give you the want and motivation to never settle.
  • Stopping comparisons: Everybody is different and not everyone will see changes as quickly as some others do. Remember that your only comparison is your past self, and your progress is decided by your personal improvement.
  • Maintaining a photo journal: A photo journal of your progress will remind you of your achievements and your journey giving you the motivation to keep going.
  • Having a plan for setbacks: It is very natural to face challenges or plateaus in your journey to losing weight. Engaging in negative thoughts while facing them will not lead you to anywhere. Thus, planning in advance for when you do face setbacks is crucial.


In conclusion, weight loss requires sustained efforts and a strong mindset. You will face a lot of times when the want to give up is a lot higher than the want to keep going. It is in these moments that you need to remind yourself why you started your journey. Keeping ourselves accountable and tracking progress keeps you on the right track. In saying this, building discipline even when we may not have enough motivation is the ultimate key to achieving any goal in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is weight loss motivation and why is it important?

Weight loss motivation is the intrinsic want to stay fit and lose weight. It helps you stay healthy and improves overall well-being.

How can I find motivation to start my weight loss journey?

The first step is to understand the reasons or the ‘Why’ behind wanting to lose weight. Realising this will keep you motivated in the long run.

What are the main factors that drive people to want to lose weight?

Staying fit helps us be a lot of things. Some of them are looking attractive, being healthy and increasing confidence.

What are some common challenges people face when trying to maintain their weight loss motivation?

Finding time to exercise regularly, comparing our progress to others, setting unrealistic goals and engaging in negative self-talk can hinder our motivation to lose weight.

How can I help maintain a positive mindset during weight loss?

Praising ourselves for achieving small victories, being kind to ourselves and surrounding ourselves with positive and uplifting people goes a long way during weight loss. Even more, being mindful of our emotions helps us keep a positive mindset.

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